Sunday, 31 March 2013

Daily Blog makes impressive debut

New left-wing blog, The Daily Blog, has proved extremely popular in its first month, debuting at number five in the New Zealand blog rankings.
The brainchild of Martyn Bradbury, the blog provides opinion pieces and commentary from prominent New Zealand left-wing bloggers, politicians, unionists and activists.  
Garnering 196,886 page views in its first month, Bradbury said the number of hits had exceeded his "wildest ambition”.
He had originally hoped to debut with 100,000 page views for March.
Bradbury said the purpose of the blog was to provide an alternative to Whale Oil and Kiwiblog, which he described as “far right online nonsense”.
Whale Oil remains New Zealand’s most popular blog by a wide margin, with 1,149,247 page hits last month, while Kiwiblog sits in second place.
Pete from Whale Oil said the team was happy with the number of hits, but they were always looking to increase their readership base.
Whale Oil founder Cameron Slater was initially dismissive of The Daily Blog ahead of its launch.

"This will go one of two ways: either I won't be able to stop going there for my daily laugh, or (much more likely), I'll pop in when [Bradbury's] made such a fool of himself that the news of it drfts into the attention span of the general media."

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